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Is Your Manufacturing Marketing Strategy READY For the Next Recession?

As we are continuously inundated by the media of the warning signs of an economic downturn, coming as soon as 2020, the smart manufacturer will heed the advice and lessons learned from the last major recession in 2009-10. Even if that prediction is slightly off by a few months, the reality is that we haven’t had this type of economic growth lasting 10+ years for decades.

The McCabe Group is a full-service advertising, direct marketing, strategic planning and public relations agency specializing in brand development, emerging media platforms, web-based design/coding and integrated media predominately for business-to-business and service industries.

BRANDING: we help you identify and interact with your customers/prospects

GRAPHIC DESIGN/PHOTOGRAPHY: in every aspect including digital, packaging and animation

COPYWRITING: technical, conversational, web-based, brand-centric

MEDIA: print, B-2-B, B-2-C, digital, social, intuitive, contract negotiations/billing

EMERGING PLATFORMS: web design, cloud computing, mobile apps, social, visual, code writing, conversions from web/catalogs to smart phone technologies

INDUSTRIAL DESIGN/3-D MODELING: development of industrial products from inception through completion combining innovation with invention

LANGUAGE TRANSLATION: over 100 languages specializing in medical/life sciences, technical/engineering, legal, petroleum/mining, and advertising/marketing

CENTER STAGE PRODUCTIONS: includes live theater, set design, script writing, AV, meeting planning and off-site events

VIDEOS/VIDEOCONFERENCING/ TELECONFERENCING: script writing, graphics, implementation

PRINTING/MERCHANDISING: includes global resourcing to get you the most cost effective and highest quality end products

    In 2009, The McCabe Group established a new paradigm shift that would allow us to provide expanded services to our clients, but without the costs typically associated with these services. Our virtual model has proven extremely successful for our clients as we have been able to broaden our scope of services to meet the ever changing  landscape of strategic marketing planning, and the tactics to successfully implement client programs locally and globally.