The McCabe Group Virtual Agency Model

The Advantages and Benefits the McCabe Group Provides within the Virtual Model


  • Flexibility: Given the uncertainity of the strength and/or downturn potential in any economy, the need to be nimble and change strategies and headcount to mirror the current landscape is critical. Having a virtual agency onboard allows you the ability to scale according to changing economics as well as changing strategies. You ramp up/down as needed with no internal labor cutting concerns (which would include salaries, medical benefits, 401k plans etc..). This flexibility also translates into the financial area where we are very sensitive to billing requests to best match when, for example, certain projects require a delay in billing. That’s not an issue with us.
  • Wide and shallow: The McCabe Group model casts a wide net mirroring disciplines associated typical agency services, BUT with a much broader offering of services that include App Development, Coding, Language Translation, Cyber Security, Event Planning/Design to name a few. We then create a shallow vertical integration of these services custom-tailored to each client, again with the flexibility to alter the mix at a moments notice.
  • Deep dive on strategic clients vs. running fast on several clients: This strategy we have is to devote our collective efforts on a significant few clients versus a mass roster of clients. This ensures you get our top management full attention with “almost” 24/7/365 access (we do need to sleep…)
  •  30+ years experience: building up a network of contacts/key partners to have the ability to scale up/down with employee-like results. We specialize in matching the global talent we have with a specific strategy/project to ensure a “good fit” that saves our client’s both time and money while producing measurable results.
  • 24/7/365 access: Sleeping aside (see note above) one of the biggest strengths we bring to our partners is the ability to have services available in multiple time zones and countries so we literally can work well outside the typical 9-5 EST parameters. This becomes a huge differenator when deadlines, or weekend services are required.
  • We are educated aggregators: Instead of our client’s trying to keep up with the latest technologies/suppliers etc… we do that and we oversee these disciplines as well as take on the liability/delievery/change orders, etc.. instead of you, as your time is valuable. We become your outsource and it’s done. No multiple invoices; project elements; time tables and no upcharges. That all falls to us.
  • Big fish get big attention: You are our big fish and along with our other clients that gets you economies of scale with our partner’s time and availability. Cost considerations on media buys, printing, etc., meeting deadlines where we can get to the front of the line if needed, all translates in time and cost savings which directly impacts our clients in a positive manner.
  • Virtual Model reduces your overhead and expenses and as stated earlier is flexible to meet your needs accordingly.
  • Strategic relationships with multiple global partners allows us to provide a broader creative product as well as technical IT/SEO and language services not easily available from a individual agency model.
  • We are frugal with your hours/time/costs and you have top management on your account to ensure we stay on track.
  • We are partners with our clients and not simply vendors: We strongly believe in relationships and make every effort to foster long lasting connections that extend beyond a strategic plan, or a specific project. We enjoy spending time with our clients and that shows in our work approach and social interaction.
  • We love what we do: With so many unique talents and new technologies and ways to communicate we absolutely love learning, expanding our services and growing with our clients. It’s still fun!