Web Security Consultants

IT security remains firmly in the top 10 concerns for CIOs, and with good reason. Research shows that the cost of a single security breach can range from a few thousand dollars up to $4 million. In today’s electronic environment security breaches are no longer about prevention; they have moved from an “if” scenario to a “when”. Prevention remains paramount. But having a plan for recovery is now just as important.

Smart organizations know that security is about much more than just access control. It’s about ensuring business continuity. It’s about being a custodian of customers’ personal information. It’s about understanding how processes can be abused to stay one step ahead of attackers.

With all of these concerns, it’s understandable that many internal IT teams have their hands full. The last thing your enterprise needs is a partner that doesn’t put security first. The McCabe Group takes a proactive approach to security with our clients We help you protect your systems, design preventative policies, and plan for the worse so you can get back to business more quickly.